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Investigative Engineers Association
Professional Forensic Engineering

The Investigative Engineers Association is a nationwide network of independently owned professional forensic engineering firms providing services to investigate, document, test and secure property/evidence and providing accurate reporting for the property and casualty insurance industry.  All professional engineering member firms are also cross-trained in fire investigation.

The Investigative Engineers Association standardized reporting methodology, forensic engineering training, database of information and networking ability assists with comprehensive, cost-effective and fastidious claims settlement.

The Investigative Engineers Association is structured to respond creatively to the needs of its clients, no matter what the size or scope of the project at hand. The broad-based knowledge and skill of its members combine to give the Investigative Engineers Association unparalleled problem-solving abilities. The Investigative Engineers Association experienced team of professional forensic engineering member experts stands ready to serve in any capacity you may require.

When necessary Investigative Engineers Association member firms and associates can be tapped to augment local capabilities, thus providing in-depth support for both knowledge and numbers as the circumstances require. Flexibility, innovation, and quality are the backbone of engineering  excellence.  Investigative Engineers Association  endeavors to ensure that its professional forensic engineering member firms reflect these qualities.

Investigative Engineers Association firm clients deserve nothing less.

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